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Bomb It 2

Alex face

Patcharapol Tangruen, also known as Alex Face, is a Thai street artist, who studied architecture at Bangkok's King Mongktut Institute of Technology. An interest in architecture led Alex Face to explore and wander the streets and alleys of Bangkok for abandoned buildings, buildings that he eventually used as a canvas to develop his street art. His most well known character – a quizzical smoking baby who looks wise beyond his years – was inspired by his two-year-old child.



Ayed is a Palestinian street artist who is based in the West Bank. For Ayed street art is important because it enables anyone to share their views with society. He hopes that his work and the art of other street artists will influence the public at large and affect a positive change in his community.



Darbotz is an Indonesian street artist whose art reflects the chaos of life in Jakarta. With the music of Wu Tang Clan, NWA, and A Tribe Called Quest as his inspiration, Darbotz created his most well known character: the cumi (squid). The squid represents his response to the tough demands of existence in the world's twelfth largest city. Darbotz has collaborated with companies like Nike, Google Chrome and Density, among others.


Great Bates

Great Bates is a street art team based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Great's tags dominate walls and evoke an old school style, while Bates' individual work consists more of sharp, swooping characters. Great and Bates have been painting together since 1986 and have beautified walls around the world in Africa, England, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and the United States, among other places.


Killer Gerbil and Zero

Visual artist Luthfi Mustafah is a Singapore-based street artist, who often works in conjunction with fellow artist Zero. Inspired by his pet gerbils, Mustafah has been creating his infamous Killer Gerbil character since 2003. The character acts as an alter ego for the artist, who views himself as a street rat on a mission to uplift and beautify empty spaces with colors and forms.



Mars is a Chicago-based street artist in the United States. Graffiti is an addiction for Mars, who got into the scene as a teenager because his cousin was a writer. For Mars, getting up just feels good. While his graffiti used to be about gaining fame and notoriety, recently, his work has been evolving into a more personal and introspective process for this up-and-coming street artist.


Muhnned Alazzh

Muhnned Alazzh is a Palestinian street artist whose main influence is the slain Palestinian caricaturist Naji Alali. Muhnned was drawn to street art because he wanted as many people as possible to see his work. As a result, Muhnned's art is designed for the streets and is focused on the common man. Through his work, Alazzh hopes to eventually undermine the dominance of traditional art exhibitions.



Sloke is a street artist who lives in Austin, TX. As a kid, Sloke grew up with an interest in drawing. When he saw the colorful graffiti being done on subway cars, he knew that that was what he wanted to do. For Sloke, graffiti saved his life by giving him a direction and focus.




Thor is a Chicago-based street artist. Thor's work ruminates on the wrongheadedness of American society with its focus on materialism and consumerism in the face of worldwide poverty, hunger and disease. Thor lives in the Illinois countryside where he supports his family with his own livestock, vegetables, etc.



Vexta is a prominent Melbourne street artist who is known mostly for human portraitures. Vexta moved from Sydney to Melbourne where she was inspired by the stencil art of artists like Diux, Optic, Sync and Ha-Ha, among others. In 2005 Vexta was featured in the documentary Rash, a film which explores the cultural value of street art in Melbourne.



Xeme is a street artist based in Hong Kong where graffiti is seen more as a trend than an art form. Another unique complexity involved with street art in Hong Kong revolves around the construction boom. Many of the hall of fames, walls and areas where graffiti was allowed are disappearing as a result of the continual expansion of the city.

Ash Keating

Keating is an Australian street artist who is widely known for the immense scale of his environmental work both in galleries and public spaces. Frustrated by small-scale studio painting, much of Ash's art has been influenced by his job as a waste auditor where he has witnessed the seldom seen impact and scale of post-consumer and industrial waste, a phenomenon that he calls attention to with his performance art.



Bon is a Bangkok-based street artist whose work reflects the unique traditions of Thailand where art was born in the Buddhist temples. Bon lives in an old school style artist squat with numerous other people and animals and has been painting non-stop for the past 15 years. Bon is a member of the Souled Out Studios artist collective in Bangkok.



Foma is a Tel Aviv-based street artist who was pursuing a career in fashion design prior to street art. Known for her brush painting work, Foma frequently collaborates with other Tel Aviv-based street artists, including Know Hope, Klone and Zero Cents, among others.


Husk Mit Navn

Husk Mit Navn is a Copenhagen-based artist who daylights as a newspaper cartoonist. On the streets Husk Mit Navn is known for his quirky colorful characters, which speak to his sense of humor and serve as a natural balance to his more serious, political newspaper illustrations.



Klone is a Tel Aviv-based street artist. Originally from Ukraine in the former USSR, Klone has been creating art in Israel for over a decade. Klone is perhaps best known for his Predator and Clone characters, which represent the struggle between conformity and nonconformity within society.



MIC is a street artist who resides in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong the commercialization of the urban landscape is overwhelming because of the population density. The public space is saturated with ads that it can be difficult to form a free thought. This is why MIC shares what is in his heart on the streets. To MIC, street art and graffiti represent a powerful statement of poetic defiance.



Phibs is one of the most respected and renowned names in Australian graffiti and street art. He has painted so many walls around Fitzroy, an inner suburb of Melbourne, that the neighborhood has been dubbed “Phibsroy” by the locals. Originally from Sydney, Phibs moved to Melbourne in 2001 and joined forces with the Everfresh Studio acollective. His art signifies the symbiotic, engages the urban with the organic, and features a menagerie of signature characters.


Stormie Mills

Mills is an Australian artist based out of Perth with a career spanning over 25 years. Mills, who is best known for his iconic character based work, has seen his art showcased around the world in Tokyo, New York, London, and Miami, among other cities. Along with fellow artists Timid, Remi/Rough, System, Juice 126 and Derm, Stormie Mills was featured in the short film Ghost Village, which documents the crew’s journey to the west coast of Scotland to transform the abandoned village of Polphail with their art.



TwoOne was born in Yokohama, Japan where he gained an early interest in graffiti while photographing a stretch wall in his hometown. After moving to Melbourne, Australia, at the age of 18, TwoOne quickly integrated into the local street art scene. By 2003, he held his first show in conjunction with the No Comply skateboard exhibition. In 2008, TwoOne held his 1000 Cans show, one of his biggest events to date.


Victor Ash

Victor Ash is a street artist originally from Paris, France, who now resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ash started his artistic career as a graffiti writer in the early 80s when he went by the names Saho and Ash2 as part of the pioneering Parisian graffiti collective BBC or Badbc with JayOne and Skki. Originally inspired by New York City subway graffiti, Ash's newer pieces often explore the contrast between urban environments and nature as well as young people's quest for identity in subcultures.


Inspire One

Inspire is a Tel Aviv-based street artist who has been living and working in Israel for over seven years. While it is difficult to be a graffiti artist in Israel without being overtly political, this is one of Inspire’s goals. His art reflects the incredible vibration of Israel on the one hand, while also demonstrating that Tel Aviv is an “open wound on the face of this earth.” The focus of his art is to ameliorate that suffering and inequality with his signature series of sunflowers, which are designed to evoke an environment of free thought.